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The Ibero-American Federation of Film and Audiovisual Producers, FIPCA, is an intercontinental organization that brings together producer associations and audiovisual companies from 18 countries. Our main purpose is the development of Ibero-American cinematography, support greater integration of the audiovisual industry in the region and expand our productions among member countries and to the world.

The creation of FIPCA was an initiative of the Conference of Ibero-American Cinematographic Authorities (CACI) in 1996, who believed it essential to promote the associativity of Ibero-American producers in order to have solid foundations that would allow greater integration between our peoples, their industries and their cultures.

FIPCA was founded in the city of Guadalajara on March 19, 1997, and since that date it has worked to provide solutions to the pronouncements of producers in the region, being a fundamental actor in the Ibero-American panorama to ensure the interests, needs and problems that affect the production and marketing of our filmography and audiovisual productions.

In its first year of creation, FIPCA was essential for the start-up of another emblematic CACI project: the Ibermedia program, which began operating in 1998 and in which Fipca plays an important role in the preparation of regulations and premises principals, a collaboration that continues in the following years.

For more than 20 years, FIPCA's main actions include the annual publication ofIbero-American Audiovisual Panoramathat allows sharing analyzes on the state of audiovisual production in each country, the organization of theEGEDA Forum – FIPCAto reflect together on the industry and its projections, theLuis Bunuel Awardssponsored by FIPCA, which since 2002 recognizes the most outstanding work of Ibero-American cinematography -whose last delivery was in 2013 during the FIPCA II Forum in Medellín-, and the creation of thePLATINUM Awards, which since 2014 have massively disseminated works, artists and professionals from the region, allowing audiences throughout Ibero-America to be shown that our cinema is versatile, entertaining, creative and with unique content that reflects its own realities and cultures.

Mission and objectives FIPCA

Its main objectives are focused on:

  • The defense of the interests of Ibero-American cinematographic and audiovisual production, through representation, management and protection of the professional and business interests of the Cinematographic and Audiovisual Production sector, before all kinds of people, organizations, public and private entities.

  • Promote national legislation that defines the strategic condition of Ibero-American cinematography and audiovisual, to strengthen and preserve languages and cultural identities and their enormous economic and commercial potential.

  • Strengthen mechanisms to support the harmonious development of multinational programs that allow the integration of all cinematographic and audiovisual sectors in order to consolidate a common space.

  • Promote co-productions, adapting and encouraging bilateral agreements, as well as the Ibero-American Cinematographic Integration Agreement, the Latin American Cinematographic Co-production Agreement, among others, to facilitate their application and obtain the benefits derived from them.

  • Promote the promotion, distribution and exhibition of Ibero-American cinematographic and audiovisual production, of the members of the Federation, throughout the world



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Gonzalo Elvira

Executive Secretary

Anthony Lopez