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Ignatius King


He is responsible for LEYENDA, an Argentine company that has produced, among others, GRANIZO by Marcos Carnevale, which in 2022 was the most watched non-English-speaking content in the world on the Netflix platform. Among his most outstanding works are NERUDA, by Pablo Larraín,  REBELION by José Luis Rugeles, LA MEMORIA DEL AGUA, by Matías Bize, VINYL DAYS by Gabriel Nesci, KILL JESUS by Laura Mora , THE PUNISHMENT by Matías Bize, DAD TO THE RESCUE by Marcos Carnevale, PRINCESITA by Marialy Rivas, LAVAPERROS by Carlos Moreno, ALIAS MARIA by José Luis Rugeles, I'M NOT YOUR MOM by Marcos Carnevale, LA SALADA by Juan Martín Hsu and PORN FOR BEGINNERS by Cali Ameglio. 

He is Vice President of the Ibero-American Federation of Film and Audiovisual Producers (FIPCA). He has been Secretary of the Argentine Chamber of the Film Industry (CAIC) and President of the Association of Independent Producers of Audiovisual Media (APIMA). He is a member of the Executive Committee of the Platinum Awards.

He has been a professor of the Production Chair at EICTV, Cuba, since 2005 and at ENERC (INCAA) since 2004. He has been a professor at UBA (2003-2015), at UNTREF (2005-2012), at UNCEN ( 2006-2007) and in various private establishments.

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