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Panorama Audiovisual

Audiovisual panorama is an annual publication in which Fipca and EGEDA collaborate, in which we can learn about and share the state of our industries. The cinematographic and audiovisual sector is analyzed both in matters of commercialization, promotion measures, institutionality and the impact of particular cinema and television policies.


It is a very valuable input to look at what is happening globally in the region, interpret the ever-changing production scenario, and highlight particular initiatives and instruments by country.

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Together with EGEDA, Fipca organizes this forum every year where it is possible to discuss and plan joint strategies among the main Ibero-American audiovisual agents involved in audiovisual production, financing, promotion and distribution; with the aim of strengthening the audiovisual industry in a focus of relevant economic development for our countries.


It was at the 2013 EGEDA-Fipca forum that it was decided to create awards that recognize our talents and compete against the hegemony of foreign awards, giving birth to the PLATINO Ibero-American Film Awards a year later.



The Luis Buñuel Award created by Fipca had 11 versions, in which the best of Ibero-American cinematography during those years could be awarded

1st Edition:

Huelva Festival 2002 was dedicated to the film "Bolivia", from Argentina.

2nd Edition:

Havana Film Festival 2003, shared awards were given to the films "Havana Suite" from Cuba and "Los Lunes al Sol" from Spain.

3rd Edition:

Festival of Mar del Plata 2004, to "El Abrazo Partido" from Argentina.

4th Edition:

At the 2005 Guadalajara Festival, it was awarded to "Whisky" from Uruguay.

5th Edition:

At the Lima Peru Festival 2007, he gave himself to "En la Cama" from Chile.

6th Edition:

At Festival de Huelva 2008, Spain to "Hamaca Paraguaya" from Paraguay.

7th Edition:

At the Havana Festival 2009, Cuba to "The Pope's Bath" from Uruguay.

8th Edition:

In Panama City, April 2011, "The secret of your eyes" from Argentina.

9th Edition:

At the 15th Lima Film Festival, Peru, for the best Ibero-American production of the year 2010 "La vida de los Peces" from Chile.

10th Edition:

Ex aequo to "The colors of the Mountain" from Colombia and "Medianeras" from Argentina, delivered in Panama City-December 2012.

11th Edition:

"NO" of Chile, during the II EGEDA-FIPCA Forum of Ibero-American Audiovisual, held in Medellín-November 2013.

Premios Luis Buñuel
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