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Mela Marquez Saleg


Bolivian, of Italian-Palestinian origins. As a child she meets the poet Oscar Soria “I remember him with his huge hands that projected Chinese shadows in the dim light of a movie theater, while he told an anecdote from the film Yawar mallku, by Jorge Sanjinés, shadows that looked like flying condors. That is how I fell in love with cinema, through the hands and anecdotes of O. Soria”  

Studies  Graduated with honors from Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, Rome, Italy in Film Directing and Editing 1988.  Università la Sapienza di Roma, Italy, Specialization in Semiology of Language: 1990, master at New York University: The documentary narrative.

Editor of many films in Italy, France, Australia and Bolivia. 

Professor at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia from 1992 to 2002.
Director, Producer  y Screenwriter for Sayariy 1995, There you are 1997, Arca Ira 2000, Indomitable Summits 2009. Currently working  in the Post production “Caída al Cielo” and  Yucay, the Paradise of the Senses “ 

AWARDS Recognition of Merit  of Excellence  by the Senate Assembly  Plurinational of Bolivia, 2019.
Cultural Merit Award in the ADELA ZAMUDIO category, Ministry of Culture. Bolivia .2015 
Special Jury Prize "Sayariy" Montreal  "First People” 1998
“Sayariy” Critics Award, Sidney Film Festival 1996
Kodak Award: Opera prima "Sayariy" Mostra Internazionale di Cinema di Venezia 1995
Special Mention “Swan Song” Edition, New York Film Festival 1993
Best Editor “Dark Nights” London Film Festival 1992
Silver Condor  a “Pata Imilla “Bolivia 1981

Director and owner of AMARCORD PRODUCCIONES  
Current Executive Director of the Fundación Cinemateca Boliviana  since 2010   
Languages  Spanish,   English, Italian, French, and Arabic

Membership.-  President of the Board of Directors of the Bolivian Filmmakers Association
Representative of Bolivia in FIPCA

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