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La Federación Iberoamericana de Productores Cinematográficos y Audiovisuales, FIPCA, es una organización intercontinental que reúne asociaciones de productores y empresas audiovisuales de 18 países. Nuestro fin principal es el desarrollo de la cinematografía iberoamericana, apoyar una mayor integración de la industria audiovisual en la región y expandir nuestros productos entre los países miembros y hacia el mundo.


Audiovisual panorama is an annual publication in which Fipca and EGEDA collaborate, in which we can learn about and share the state of our industries. The cinematographic and audiovisual sector is analyzed both in matters of commercialization, promotion measures, institutionality and the impact of particular cinema and television policies.


It is a very valuable input to look at what is happening globally in the region, interpret the ever-changing production scenario, and highlight particular initiatives and instruments by country.

Panorama Audiovisual


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