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Nathalie Hendrickx


Nathalie Hendrickx is a film, documentary and advertising producer, teacher and researcher. She has a degree in communication sciences from the University of Lima and a Master's degree in communication, specializing in cinema, from the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru-PUCP.  She has studied specialization in film production and distribution at the Escuela Séptima Ars in Madrid, with a scholarship from the Unión Latina.  She has participated as a consultant for the Colombian Ministry of Culture and the IDB to develop a diagnosis of the film market in the region for the online platform Retina Latina. As a film producer and teacher, she participates as a speaker, exhibitor and jury in various events within Peru and abroad. 
She is the main partner of the company Argos audiovisual productions and the publisher Argos editorial products. She is co-author of the book “Financing, distribution and marketing of Peruvian cinema” (2 editions) and the book “Art Direction in Peruvian Cinema”.  She is a teacher and researcher at the University of Lima and the San Ignacio de Loyola University.  He has participated as a representative for Peru in the forums organized by the Pacific Alliance on creative industries (Mexico).   She has been part of the executive council of Conacine del Perú and president of the Association of Film Producers of Peru-APCP. He is currently a member of the FIPCA-Ibero-American Federation of Ibero-American Film and Audiovisual Producers board.  
As a general and executive producer, she has made the well-known fiction films "El bien elquivo" and "Una Sombra al Frente" directed by Augusto Tamayo, which have represented Peru as the best foreign film at the OSCAR, GOYA and ARIEL. In 2011, he produced the film "La Vigilia", starring Gianfranco Brero and Stephanie Orúe, which has participated in prestigious international film festivals such as Mar del Plata, Guadalajara, Málaga, Chicago, Trieste, Brussels-best screenplay and actress, among others. . I continue to release the films “La luz en el cerro” and “Rocanrol 68” as a producer.  From 2011 to the present he has been producing the documentary/fictional TV series "Bicentennials of the Independence of Peru 1811-2024" sponsored by the Riva Agüero Institute IRA - PUCP and the Embassy of Spain in the Peru. He has produced various documentaries, including the series "Men and Women of Science and Technology in Peru" sponsored by Concytec and Telefónica. 
In 2018, the feature film “Rosa Mística” premiered on the life of Santa Rosa de Lima by director Augusto Tamayo and starring Fiorella Pennano. The film has been participating in various international film festivals, receiving several awards and was pre-selected for the 2019 PLATINUM AWARDS.  In October 2019, he presented as an editorial producer the book and the audiovisual documentary about the renowned writer Ricardo Palma for the centenary of his death 1919-2019, "Ricardo Palma, spirit of the Peruvian".  
His last commercial premiere was the suspense feature film “Sebastiana, la maldición” based on one of the Peruvian traditions of the renowned writer Ricardo Palma, the film has been participating and receiving several awards at film festivals around the world._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_
He is currently in the production of his new feature film "La inheritance de Flora" awarded by the Ministry of Culture of Peru, a film based on the life of the writer and social activist Flora Tristán and in development he has two fiction film projects "La agony de Rasuñiti” and “Snitch”.

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